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Tropilex Hammock review

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Every year that we have camped at festivals during the summer months I have really enjoyed the fact that most have hammocks to just lay back and relax in and let your cares drift away whilst you sway gently amongst the trees - staring at the sky above. They are a great way to just relax and forget about your day to day stresses.

Tropliex hammock

Here are some pictures of us chilling.

Actually, my husband did mention that he would quite like one for when we go on our camping adventures - so I am pretty thrilled that we have the opportunity to review a Tropilex hammock and put it to the test.

There were plenty to choose from in many styles, materials and colours. To match my boho vibe, I decided to choose the Tropilex Saba Cherry hammock which is a striped pattern in red, purple and yellow colours. The hammock is made from a thick Polycotton material with macrame style cord fringing around the edging.

These Saba hammocks can hold a capacity of 120kg in weight - the total length of the hammock is 320cm and the width is 140cm. It is hung via a thick woven handle at each end. Stands can be purchased separately - if you were planning to have this in the garden investing in a stand would be the perfect option.

You can also buy a fixation kit - which comes with metal hooks, special screws and ropes so you can fix the hammock to whatever you'd need - maybe between two trees?

Tropilex donates 1% of each sale to preserve our planet and the hammocks are produced and imported by the brand.

Our package arrived quickly - it is not too heavy so could easily be transported around for trips - in total the hammock weighs 1.7kg. I am really impressed with the quality of the material - it feels thick yet soft. It also folded up and fitted in a rucksack.

Today, there was a little bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds so we headed to the woods with our hammock to test it out. My husband secured it between two trees using metal clips and straps.

It felt very sturdy and was easy to attach - unfortunately we got stuck in a hail storm and has to retreat and run home. But, we can't wait to take it out with us again. A definite thumbs up from us!

Check out the view from the hammock!

Tropilex have a great range of bigger family hammocks and many different colours to choose from - I am very happy with our one and would highly recommend.


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