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Moomoo ponchos for kids

On my quest to find cool attire for this year's festivals and camping trips I stumbled upon Moomoo ponchos and immediately wanted some for my children. I love a poncho - I've only ever picked them up in charity shops before but I've been on the look-out for a while for some cool designs.

Not only are they practical and warm - they come in an array of colours and designs too.

moomoo poncho

The ponchos are designed and hand-made in Britain by Nadine Morgan, an experienced fashion designer with a worldwide background in design, manufacture and quality control in the garment and textile industry.

The ponchos are made from lightweight, warm and soft polar wool, the fabric is showerproof and holds less than 1% of its weight in water.

As the material is fleece it is machine washable and dries very quickly too. All of the designs comply with children's safety regulations, plus manufacturing and testing standards.

My three are testing out the ButterflyMoo fringed hooded poncho; the ZigZagMoo fringed poncho and the ApacheMoo hooded poncho.

The fabric is gorgeous in colour, pattern and texture and the butterfly poncho has a really cute button.

Fin is wearing the ApacheMoo - and he's also testing out a hybrid design - which is a shorter poncho with sleeves.

Kiki is wearing the ZigZagMoo - the colours in it are so vibrant.

They are great to throw on quickly for an outdoor walk and would be brilliant whilst camping for the chilly mornings.

We'll be taking them to the festivals this summer but in the meantime the kids even enjoy snuggling in their ponchos indoors. A big thumbs up from all of us - they will be coming on many adventures.

Here is Nadine's story about her business:

"Once upon a time …….there was a little girl who absolutely loved dressing up. She loved camping; having fun at festivals; making sandcastles on the beach and going to the park – like most children do! Sometimes getting chilly after a swim or in the late afternoon, Mummy thought that she could do with something warm, snuggly and fun to keep her warm, but could not find anything to fit the bill. So, always one to feed the imagination and bringing together all of her skills and experience as a Garment Technologist for children's clothing, Mummy decided to buy some fleece fabric and make her a poncho, and before long family, friends and even strangers on the street were requesting a poncho for their children!

Prototypes were developed and tested by both boys and girls, who loved them so much that they barely took them off for a week! They played in them, ate in them, slept in them, lived in them!! - proving their durability.

Moomoo ponchos was born!! The perfect accessory, made up in unique fun fabrics that has a myriad of uses. Practical to wear and wash too!"


Major Award Finalist - London Fashion Designer with a wealth of experience within the fashion and the children's clothing industry. That along with an in depth knowledge of Child Safety Legislation - having worked with many of the major retailers to include Next, TU, George, Tesco, New Look, Fat Face, Peacocks, Primark, Debenhams, T.M. Lewin, BHS, Top Shop - all adds to making these garments quite special and unique.

Quality and safety is paramount when designing these products, but without sacrificing the style and creativity.

Mum to a 6yr old also helps to give peace of mind, that you are ordering from somebody that has experience across many of the important points that impacts on the decision of buying a product for your child.

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