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Cool Christmas gifts for kids with Wicked Uncle

If, like me, you leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute - you'll probably end up in a panicked frenzy wondering what to buy?

No fear, the lovely folk at Wicked Uncle have made things easy on their website, there are a huge range of gifts to suit children of all ages - phew.

The Wicked Uncle team source and test out all the toys before choosing which ones to add to their website. They are then helpfully categorised in age ranges and various categories such as Creativity, Outdoorsy, Sensory..... to help give the clueless an idea of what gifts would be gratefully received.

So, I have a 6 year old son who loves most things really. He's not difficult to but for but he does LOVE cars. I have chosen the REMOTE CONTROL ASTON MARTIN DB5 - 007 at £24.95. There are two ways to play, use the remote control to direct this speedy Aston Martin DB5 or press one of the three buttons on the top of the vehicle to send it out on secret missions. The car has full sound effects including the classic James Bond theme tune.

What to buy for a 9 year old girl? Hmmmm, again there are so many ideas here. She'd be happy with everything but, seeing as I know she's been wanting a night light I have chosen the JELLYFISH TANK MOOD LIGHT at £18.95 - Standing 24cm tall, the rounded tank holds two jellyfish which swim and glide around with realistic movement provided by jets of air moving the water inside the tank. The triple LED’s light up the tank in three different colours adding a soothing, relaxing feel. Makes a fun decorative addition to any room.

Our eldest daughter is 11, this can be a tricky age so I browsed through the teen girls section - I also know she's been after a lamp so I have chosen the MOOD CUBE - PORTABLE MOOD LIGHTING at £5.50 she was eyeing one of these up in Camden in the summer so I'm hoping she'll love it. She is also a big fan of slime (who isn't?) I found this UNICORN POO - Rainbow coloured squishy poo that is ready to grip, mould and throw. Very satisfying and even works as a stress ball - perfect for a hormonal tween.

If you're still struggling take a look in the popular category - there are loads of ideas here.

Check out was swift and easy. There are options to add gift wrap and cards if you wish, add your details, choose your delivery options and viola - all done. Our package arrived two days after I placed the order.

I am really glad to have discovered this site and I will definitely use Wicked Uncle again in the future - it saves the hassle of heading into the busy shops.

*I received a discount code in exchange for this review - all opinions are my own and we were really pleased with the service*

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