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Festive Happy Mallows

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of taste testing Happy Mallows marshmallows - since then they have undergone re-branding and introduced lots of new flavours including a festive range for Christmas.

You can read about our original taste test here.

When these arrived I was pretty excited - I am a big fan of their lemon meringue marshmallows so I couldn't wait to try out the new flavours.

In our package was:

A very merry mulled wine - this one is lovely and festive, a slight cinnamon and clove taste to it. Well, quite frankly, it tastes like mulled wine. A big hit in our books - even the kids liked this flavour.

Gingerbread Mallow Men - These two marshmallow men really pack a gingery punch. They are quite large so can bathe in your hot chocolate. Very tasty - although I only got to try a leg...

A holly jolly Irish cream - Who doesn't enjoy a slug of Irish Cream at Christmas or even a bit of Baileys in their hot chocolate? These squashy marshmallows are equally tasty on their own or melted into hot chocolate. These ones do contain whiskey - sorry kids.

A rosy cosy Christmas pud - Mmmmm, a delicious mixed spice flavour. Subtle but yummy and so soft that they melt in your mouth.

New flavour alert.

Romantic Raspberry and White Choc - another triumph. Tasty sharp raspberry flavour with rivers of jam and chunks of sweet white chocolate. These did not last long.

Our verdict: The perfect festive treat - would make great stocking fillers for friends or family. The festive range is delicious. You can buy the whole festive range from the Happy Mallows shop online.

Give Happy Mallows a follow on Facebook because they often run competitions and giveaways too.

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