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PalmistryHD - a fortunetelling app

Anyone that knows me well can probably tell I'm quite into spirituality - I collect crystals and feathers - I am in my element in a shop full of incense burners and mystical trinkets. So, it may surprise you that I have never had my palm read. When I found out about the PalmistryHD app - I thought it would be fun to give it a try - after all, Zoltar is the only fortuneteller we have ever been too.

Did she wish to "be Big?"

I have been told I have a great aura and a lady has offered to do my tarot cards but I'm yet to have that done either. I have book shelves full of books about ancient wisdom including palmistry and always imagined a little old lady with a crystal ball doing palm reading at a funfair. How could a smart phone read the lines on your palm? Guess I'll find out.

So, how does the app work?

You basically download the free app for iphone or android - fill in your name and birthday - then take a photo of your palm and viola - you'll get detailed personal results about your health, love life, success, career, money and happiness!

Here's a little snippet to show you more:

Right, I've downloaded the app for android - filled in the details and held my hand steady for the palm picture. Hello......

I went for the free option - which only reads your head line and your heart line - you can upgrade for a fee between £8.99 and £11.99.

I wouldn't have a clue where to start with how to read palms?

Apparently there are four key hand shapes that any palm reader will encounter, and each of these will be assigned to one of the elements. The Fire Hand is distinguished by the long, rectangular palm and short fingers; the Earth Hand will have a smaller, square hand with short fingers; the Water Hand has a long, rectangular palm and slender fingers, while the Air Hand is shorter in the palm, but boasts lengthy fingers.

My reading was actually pretty accurate in parts - here's some of what I got:

"You get a great deal of pride in thinking for yourself, and drawing your own conclusions - you have no interest at taking what other people tell you at face value, and you are not a fan of 'sales pitches.' You'd rather somebody spoke to you from the heart.....

You are no stranger to financial strain, and while your economic status has endured many ups and downs throughout your life, you have never really achieved the secure status you deeply crave. You have ambitions of self-employment that you feel would help you reach your targets, but have been unable to realise these dreams at this point.

Sarah forget everything you know about your working future - you are not destined to follow a traditional path of a 9-5 career. Thankfully there are a great many opportunities for financial abundance coming your way, if only you are alert to these opening."

Boy do I hope so. I was actually made redundant from a 9-5 job in 2016 - since then we've struggled financially and last year I finally took the plunge and went self-employed. It's been a long time coming but I am just about starting to up our income by working from home.

I also got readings on health, happiness and love. The love one probably wasn't entirely accurate for me - I am married after all. It told me there will be big changes to my relationship status. Hubby is not best pleased about this.

Overall I think the app was fun to do - I have always believed in star signs so I love the fact the app does a daily horoscope too - I am a typical Sagittarius. I have many books depicting horoscopes and used to read them a lot in my teens. I do find I tend to get along with certain star signs more than others.

This is what my horoscope for yesterday said:

"This day could be a long one for you. You could feel as though you have so much to get done before the weekend and that you are never going to get there. You will also happily be in your cheerful mood which is normal for your sign so you should harness this energy and a can-do attitude and just get everything done."

This is also scarily real - I had a manic day yesterday - working on three different projects and also working at school in the afternoon - but I got it all done.

If you are interested in fortunetelling I would recommend downloading this app - it's free and it's your choice if you want to pay extra and read more.

This bohemian mama gives it a thumbs up.

*I was asked to give an honest review of the PalmistryHD app - all opinions are entirely my own*

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