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Catch Dog Food

Having an energetic working cross-breed we need to make sure we are feeding him the right food. Collies and Spaniels are high energy dogs and Loki is a mix of the two. We have been giving him a mix of dry food and raw mince and have tried a few brands of wet food now. We have realised that some are better than others and feeding too much of the wrong food is really not beneficial at all.

We have been trying Loki out on Catch Dog Food recently - bought at an online Pet Shop. Catch are seafood specialists and their adult dog food is grain free. Catch was born from a passion for healthy eating and from the founders childhood fishing on the Cornish coast. They believe that fish is not only the best protein source for humans but also for our four legged friends, and why should we treat them any differently? The dry food is created using freshly prepared fish from the Atlantic, Iceland and Scotland. There are no added grains or cereal either.

Loki has been eating the Salmon with trout, sweet potato and asparagus adult dry food. It contains omega 3 for joints, natural oils for a shiny coat and is gentle on tummies. We have been impressed so far, he certainly happily eats it all up, it doesn't smell too bad like some foods can and we've had no issues with it at all. It has even helped with the toxic smelling bottom burps!

We were also sent some Salmon and Lemon Sole Dog Cookies. These cookie treats contain salmon, whitefish, lemon sole, potato and Vitamin E. These are great little treats especially when you are training your dog. These crunchy, cookie treats are packed full of fishy goodness to promote a health and wellbeing for your dog. They are low in fat, hypo-allergenic and are super crunchy to help remove tartar build up and overall improve your dog's dental health.

We would definitely buy Catch Dog Food again - I am happy that it has so many great ingredients and that it is grain free.

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