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Sleeping Beauties Kickstarter

Around a year ago I discovered a beautiful bohemian brand on social media - I had just started doing a bit of VA work for a glamping agency when Sleeping Beauties caught my eye. I had fallen for the unique designs of Leah's sleeping bags - they were different to anything I had seen and were perfect for our upcoming festival trips.

I first wrote about Sleeping Beauties last Spring and since that time Leah has been coming up with some new concepts and designs.

Today they are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the expanding new collection which will feature two new print designs, hand painted camping mugs, throws and scatter cushions.

I have the Geo Dreaming sleeping bag at home, it has been to two festivals with us and it is really comfy and stylish, the sleeping bags are 100% cotton and machine washable at 30 degrees and also come with a matching eye mask. Here's our little sleeping beauty.

The idea for Sleeping Beauties grew out of Leah's frustration with only ever seeing ugly looking, polyester sleeping bags.

It’s been just over a year since Sleeping Beauties Ltd first started trading in the UK with their range of beautifully printed, 100% cotton single and double sleeping bags.

With a wide range of camping gear on offer, the sleeping bag can often be an overlooked item, an afterthought with functionality usually being number one in importance. These are two new designs Folklore and Woodblock.

Leah says: “My experience as a fashion designer has taught me that consumers want expression for personal taste. Why accept average when you can have creative and original?”

With the success of the first range, Leah is looking for financial help to improve upon and add to the collection to cater for her expanding customer base.

“While I originally focused on the ‘young female festival-goer’, my target customer has expanded to include couples, campervan owners, students, mums buying for their kids’ sleepovers and outdoorsy men and women of all ages.”

With this in mind, Leah is brimming with new ideas for a more inclusive-feeling brand.

“I ran a Kickstarter in November 2016, at concept stage which unfortunately didn’t reach its target. Since then I’ve got fantastic feedback from customers and clients across the UK and beyond. The sleeping bags are available to buy through my website and on Amazon where I’ve racked up considerable sales and really proved there’s demand for this unique product.

” The glamping market continues to expand with more UK staycations being favoured over the expense of travelling abroad, as well as a considerable rise in glamping weddings and other celebrations. Throws, scatter cushions, personalised embroidered eye masks and hand-painted camping mugs are on the agenda for Sleeping Beauties’ new collection, as well as two new sleeping bag designs that are more ‘homeware’ friendly."

Those who participate and pledge towards the Kickstarter will have their pick of a single sleeping bag from the first range and have the opportunity to be one of the first people to own the new designs, and/or the camping mugs...all at a special price.

The Kickstarter ends April 19, 2018. Every little helps!

Experience the great outdoors without sacrificing style or luxury.

Sleeping Beauties current range is available to buy online now at and Amazon: Singles are £64.99 and doubles are £139.99

For further information please contact Leah Nicholls



Twitter: @bagbeautie


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