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Boho Fashion: Moon Child

Welcome back to my little boho/folky fashion thing-a-me-jig! I am delighted to be featuring Moon Child today - I have followed them on Instagram since the start of their adventure. I love the whole ethos and vibe of their style - it is super cool.

What is a moon child?

I will now be handing your across to the lovely Emma:

Myself and Sophie met in 2015, where we became colleagues first, friends soon after and most recently; co-owners of our lovely little online kids wear shop, Moon Child. The idea of the collaboration came to us one day travelling on a train, we both knew that we wanted to work on a Childrenswear collection together. Sophie has the most beautiful handwriting and design style and I just knew our styles would work perfectly together. We’d recently watched ‘The True Cost’ on Netflix; a documentary ‘behind the scenes’ of where and how clothing is made, and the impact of mass production. I’d previously worked in the fashion industry so I had a little bit of knowledge, but this documentary really opened our eyes – we knew that we needed to do our bit to work towards a fairer world by offering organic clothing.

Aside from this, we were soon to be first time Aunties; shopping for our Nieces was at the front of our minds however we both found it so difficult to find fun clothes for baby girls. Neither of us are the typical ‘pink and girly’ type – we found it bizzare that girls clothing still only offered mainly pink princess clothing with fluffy unicorns on! Both Girls and Boys can love dinosaurs or unicorns and running around in mud. And in essence, we designed and created with a unisex aimed handwriting. We met up one evening to discuss the idea behind the branding; there was a full moon outside and Fleetwood Mac were playing in the background. ‘Moon Child’ was our first brand name idea and it just felt right, Sophie bashed out the logo in one go, and I think it was from there that our branding was born. We are very lucky that we agree on everything – there’s not a lot of business duos that can say that! Our work ethic is to never get stressed and to always enjoy what we do, otherwise it’s not worth it.

After a year of in depth research, leaning A LOT about the organic world. We sourced the perfect suppliers, and then Moon Child was born. Here at Moon Child we strongly believe that Organic & Ethically Produced clothing is one of the key ingredients to ensure that our very own Planet Earth, becomes a sustainable world to live in. Which is why we work fairly with each of our suppliers, and only work with companies where we know staff are treated well. We make sure that we are paying a decent and fair price so that they can in turn, pay decent wages. We produce our Organic Cotton in a Fairtrade workshop in India, not only because it is close to the Cotton Farms, but also because they are experts in Cotton Weaving. Supporting Fairtrade in countries such as India can make such a difference.

Our pieces are hand made in England, and the USA, sweat shop free. It is our Moon Child core values that we help towards being a part of a fairer world. The majority of our stock is made from Organic cotton. However our aim is to one day be a fully Ethical & Organic kidswear brand, and we PINKY PROMISE that we will continue to strive towards this.

We’ve been working hard on our new range that should hopefully be launching at the end of April 2018.

Get yourself 20% off with code valid until the end of April, 2018 (worldwide): KIPPERSANDCURTAINS Stay Wild, Moon Child xo

Follow @moonchild_uk on Instagram.

Picture credits to @runwild.mychild and @baileyandosc

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