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Making the most of a small garden

Tiny gardens are much more common than they used to be. Especially in cities where space to build new homes is limited. Many of us are living with tiny patios or little squares of grass. This isn’t always ideal, especially if you’ve got children who love nothing more than to play outdoors. But, a house with a large garden can be much more expensive and isn’t always an option. So, instead, you need to learn to make the most of what you’ve got. It’s entirely possible to create a beautiful, practical and fun garden in even the smallest space.

*Photo source Upsplash*

Let the Outdoors In

If you love gardens, but only have a tiny one yourself, why not extend it into your home? Clean your windows, install blinds and roman blind accessories, open them up and let the outdoors in as much as you can. Fill your home with flowers, plants and window boxes, even growing your own herbs and plants. If possible, you could even install large sliding doors to increase your view of the outside world.

Make the Most of the View

In a small garden, the last thing that you want is high fences enclosing your space. Instead, keep them low so that you can always see what’s out in front of you. Steal the views around you and even of your neighbour’s gardens.

Add Furniture

You’ll never make the most of your garden if there is nowhere nice to sit. Even in a tiny garden, you could add a small table and chairs, a bench or even fun seating like large outdoor beanbags and cushions. Keep the pieces small and tuck them up against walls or fences to maximise the rest of your space.

Add Colour

Colour is a great way to open up the space and make your garden warmer and more inviting. You don’t need huge areas to grow flowers and plants. Even if you can’t give up space for a flower bed or large planter, you could add some hanging baskets and pots. Add wildflowers and light, colourful additions like daisies and sunflowers. But, be careful with scent. In a smaller space, strong fragrance can be overwhelming. Try to stick to gentle, delicate aromas.

Use Your House

Your fences are low, but you still have a height to work with. Use the wall of your house for hanging baskets, climbing shrubs and even pretty murals to increase the usable space.

Add Reflective Surfaces

Inside we often use large mirrors to make our rooms look bigger. You can do this in the garden too. Add mirrors or mirrored pots and accessories to your fences and walls, include stainless steel and a small water feature if you can. Try to keep these at the far end of your garden so that you look out on a larger space when you leave your door.

Faux Grass

In a smaller garden, you might not have room for grass. The upkeep can seem like a waste of time for such a small area. Instead, add faux grass rugs and mats.

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