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Big Kidz gifts with Wicked Uncle

We have chosen brilliant gifts from Wicked Uncle in the past - presents aren't always easy to choose and as kids get older it often gets harder and harder to find something that they'll really love. So when Wicked Uncle got in touch to ask if we would like to check out the Big Kidz category we jumped at the chance.

Aimed at 13 years to 103 years (well, why not?) there is a great selection of gifts of offer. Being that we are going to be camping at festivals over the summer we picked some things that our big girls (and me) would enjoy!

Firstly the Glitter Beachball - this giant 65cm beach ball is filled with chunky gold glitter in a transparent ball with mint green spots. It is very pretty indeed. I nearly passed out blowing it up but totally worth the joint effort. We have had to keep it away from our dog who is desperate to chase it! The kids have had great fun with it so far and we can't wait to take it camping.

Every time we go to festivals I am extremely jealous of people and their fabulous glitter makeup - I remember asking a woman one year where she had got her makeup done and she said she'd bought it from home. So, we have chosen the Holographic Glitter for face, body and nails - yay.

We have used glitter pots before but I must say these ones are great, you get four glitter shakers in silver, violet, pink and blue. In the box is fixing gel, a small applicator sponge, a makeup brush and you can use the tray as a mixing palette. Just apply the fixing gel to the areas that you would like to sparkle, then brush the glitter on and viola! Fit for a festival. Obviously make sure you avoid the eye area, nobody wants glitter in their eye.

The glitter came off easily with water and a flannel or equally well with wet wipes.

Sticking with the festival theme, we also picked Neon UV Face and Body Paint. There are six paints in the box, all in vibrant neon colours which are UV (ultra violet) reactive, making them glow brightly under any UV light. The colours included are red, blue, yellow, pink, green and orange plus a mixing palette, a brush, a sponge and a small UV torch on a keyring. There is also a leaflet with some ideas or you can watch YouTube tutorials. The paints are very easy to apply, they are quick drying, long lasting and simply wash off with soap and water. Good to know - apparently this set can last for up to 100 uses! Look at theses brilliant effects.

Ordering online was quick and simple. There are options to gift wrap and add a card at the check out if you wish to. The items arrived well packaged and really quickly. We genuinely love the service from Wicked Uncle - the gift options are perfect and the site is very user friendly.

Thanks again to the Wicked Uncle team for letting us be product testers!

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.

*We received a voucher towards our items in exchange for an honest review*

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