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Five Invaluable Tips from the Pros When Designing and Building a Backyard Deck

At this time of year, it can be hard to look outside and remember the good old times. You know the times; those were the days where the sun was shining, the birds were chirping away, and the temperature was climbing – in other words spring and summer. Here’s the thing though, even though winter can seem long, spring will be here in just a few months which means you’ll be able to get back outdoors and enjoy your garden once again.

With that in mind, perhaps you’ve been thinking that you want to be able to enjoy your garden more, and create more of a space for relaxing and entertaining friends and family. If that’s the case, then a backyard deck could be the perfect solution. So while the countdown begins until the nicer weather arrives, here are five invaluable tips from the pros that you can use to design the perfect backyard deck to build in the spring.

Get Some Ideas and Inspiration

Unless you are a decking professional, chances are you may not be filled with design ideas. This is exactly why it can be helpful to start looking around for inspiration. Pay closer attention to decks that friends have, flip through home renovation magazines, and check out photos online. This should help you to start to form an idea of what you like and don’t like regarding things like the shape of the deck, the size, railings, stairs, the material used, the stain used, etc.

Your deck will last for many years to come, so you want to be sure that it meets your needs and that you like how it looks. There is no need to rush into the first design that pops into mind.

Consider What Kind of Material You Want to Use

One of the biggest decisions you'll need to make is what kind of deck material you want to use. While there are a number of materials to choose from, wood tends to be the most popular. It is versatile, it works with a large variety of designs, works with the look of any home, gives you the ability to stain it whatever colour you want, and is relatively easy to work with.

If you decide that wood is the best option for you, then Savoy Timber has a variety of decking kits worth checking out. They even offer a decking kit calculator so you can figure out how it will work with your budget. Besides the decking you can also find panels, spindles, handrails, accessories, and fixings, as well as the framing timber. This saves you the trouble of having to shop around at various stores.

How Much Garden Do You Want to Be Left With?

As you work on the design, you will also want to consider how much yard space you want to be left with. Sometimes homeowners focus just on the deck and don’t think about the bigger picture and how it will impede on the rest of the garden. Maybe you’re fine with having the garden made up mostly of decking, then again maybe you want enough grass left for the kids and family pet to be able to play.

Will the Deck Feature an Outdoor Kitchen?

One of the hottest trends in exterior design over the past few years has been creating an outdoor kitchen space. Homeowners love that it gives a sense of outdoor living and it also can make your home feel larger than it actually is since it increases the amount of usable space.

If you plan on creating an outdoor kitchen, then you will need to think about how you will lay it out and how the deck would best be designed. You will need an area for prep and cooking, and then for eating. Ideally, you want it to be spacious so you can move about with ease.

Do You Want Shade?

The final tip is to consider whether or not you want to provide shade. While it can feel lovely sitting out in the sun, there will be times where you may not want to be in full sun but still want to sit outdoors. For this, a pergola or awning can be an excellent solution. Now it doesn't have to cover the entire deck, you may just want it to be over one area with seating.

Build the Deck of Your Dreams for 2019

Despite the fact that the sky is grey, and the temperatures are far from pleasant, the weather will change and before you know it you’re going to want to be outdoors once again. Now is the time to start thinking about building your dream deck, and making sure you consider everything that is involved in the planning and building process.

*Thus is a collaborative post*

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