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Labelling with Stickerkid

[Gifted review items - all opinions are my own]

Any parent will know the importance of labelling your kids things! Especially once they start school, the pain of them losing a school jumper on the first day of term is very real. I now label everything including stationary and shoes.

This is where Stickerkid comes into play: Their mission is to make the lives of us parents easier with customised name labels.

This means the kids' clothes and belongings can be easily and quickly labelled with no fuss or sewing. The labels do not only make life easier for parents but also for kids - on the website they can choose from a range of colours, logos and fonts to personalise their own labels.

The company is Swiss but they ship worldwide. The website was very simple to use and we picked a few designs including shoe labels and small and large sticky name labels.

The sticky labels arrived quickly once the order was placed and they were simple to peel off and stick down. They have been made to withstand washing machines, dryers and dishwashers so they are perfect for the everyday life with kids.

The brand was thought of by Swiss-German couple Chris and Doerthe, they are in their thirties and recently became parents for the second time.

StickerKid labels have been made to withstand washing machines and microwaves during a period of 10 years. During many hours, days, even weeks they tried out new materials and developed their iron-on labels, which withstand 60 wash cycles at 45 degrees (and which can be easily removed by the way).

On top of their mixture of labels Stickerkid also sell decor such as personalised posters and tags as well as trendy wall and door stickers.

The shoe labels are large so they will be easy for my son to identify his shoes at school, as you know most of them end up having similar school shoes. So far, after a week of sweaty feet and lots of rain, the stickers are still firmly intact.

The small name labels are prefect for the pencil case and easy to attach to pens, pencils, rulers and glue sticks. They also peel off with ease if you need to.

The larger name labels are great for my daughter to use on her calculator and pencil case and she really liked the llama design.

Discount Code

So, if you would like to order some for yourself I have a unique discount code for you to save 10% at the checkout with discount code kippersandcurtains. This is valid from 12th December to 29th December, 2019.

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