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Create an indoor festival at home

I guess most of us have muddled our way through the last 8 weeks of lockdown/quarantine/whatever you want to call it. Some of us homeschooling whilst trying to work from home, some juggling having to still go out to work whilst sending their children in to a very different form of school. I doubt it has been easy on anybody. Hats off to teachers, homeschooling is hard work! So, we've hit May half term which for us, in usual circumstances, would be our first festival of the year.

Festivals to my kids, were their holidays, we've not had an actual holiday, as it were, since 2008, so these camping adventures were the things they looked forward to the most. Obviously holidays have been cancelled for everybody, looks like 2020 has pretty much been written-off.

I have also seen a few influencers having mini family festivals in their gardens. We live in a flat so don't have a garden and if we pitched up on the grass outside I am sure the council would be round like a shot. So, we created an indoor festival in our living room. Welcome to Stockfest 2020.

To be honest, not much is needed for an indoor festival, just a bit of imagination!

To give the effect of being in a bedouin tent we used bed sheets and duvet covers. These were strung up from a central piece of string which went from our curtain pole to the central ceiling beam. These were draped and tied on to three strings which ran the length of half of the living room, we did tie these to nails that were put in to the beam and the wall. Four sheets were used.

Then fairy lights were strung up and any rugs, throws and cushions we could find were laid out on the floor. We had a lantern hanging from the curtain pole and jasmine incense sticks burning.

Obviously there are many benefits to making an indoor camp: Heat, electricity and all your home comforts in one place. I did not miss dodging guy ropes in the dark to try and get to the toilet.

I laid out food on the work surface so everybody could help themselves when they wanted to.

I also set up an area to do face glitter.

We took it in turns to choose music so there was a good mix of reggae, disco and 90s rave music.

Later in the evening we got the sofa bed out and put some films on.

Creating an indoor festival

The "tent" has now been up for 3 days!

It is now half term and the pressure of homeschooling is now off for the week.

Sorry that we couldn't take you to the fields this year kids, but I hope you enjoyed your indoor festival.

Creating an indoor festival


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