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Dopamine Land London

I have a thing for infinity rooms.

I have been to Silent Fall at Superblue London and seen Yayoi Kusama's infinity room at the Tate Modern - but this time we headed to Dopamine Land on Old Brompton Road in Kensington to get my fix of pretty lights.

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good. Having the right amount of dopamine is important both for your body and your brain.

What is Dopamine Land?

Dopamine Land is a billed as a pop-up multisensory experience that combines media, technology and play. It's a great afternoon out that allows everybody to release their inner-child throughout all the colourful installations. The happy hormones were released as soon as we entered the colourful entrance way, with neon lights and doorways that makes sounds as you walk through them. We were in a group of 5 already but when you arrive you will be bunched into small groups.

It isn't the cheapest experience at around £16.50 per person, but still, it was a joyful experience. There is a cloakroom where you can leave your coats and bags (and pushchairs if you are bringing little kids). This is free to use and secure.

Your small group will be ushered into a decompression room, where you get a little talk from your guide before sitting in darkness whilst a meditative voice speaks to you before setting off on your journey to the various rooms.

There are 12 rooms in Dopamine Land, expect to get around 4 minutes in each room. Possibly a little longer if it is a quieter day. The first room is:


Would you like to step inside a popcorn machine? The smell, the sound and the sights of popcorn, through images that are projected onto the walls and the sound effects, will transport you to a world of popcorn. You'll each get a bag of popcorn to sit and enjoy.


Enter this room and be submerged in a boundless atmosphere of infinitely changing sequence of lights. Once you step into this limitless space, you are the centre stage and become wrapped up in endless reflections of colours, lights and joy. This is probably one of the favourite rooms at Dopamine Land. It is mesmerising.


Enter this maze mirrored room and find your way out of the space by stepping on each interactive square. You’ll discover your path through space with the help of lights, sound and fun! This felt like being on Tron or Logan's Run!


Take a break and chill out in this digital forest that imitates a natural space. Here you can feel the bark under your feet, experience a layered forest and the great calm and beauty of this decompression room.


Enter a colourful cushioned space, giggle in combat as you return to your childhood, and settle old scores in a friendly pillow fight! This was good fun with Set You Free by N-Trance on in the background.

The above five are considered to be the main rooms. The other rooms include a room where you can write positive messages on the wall, a room with ever changing lights and patterns projected onto the walls, a dark room with floating lanterns and bean bags, a ball pit with glowing lights and a room where you can do shadow puppets on the wall.

It takes around 40 minutes or so to get around the rooms. There are staff outside each room to guide you. You will then enter the bar area which sells bubble tea (£5) and drinks and the kids were given a token to use the gumball machines. The bar area is very colourful and has small interactive sections and selfie stations such as ping pong, a bath with clear balls in, a bubble area and Pac Man video game to name just a few. The unisex toilets are also lovely and very clean, with lots of hanging plants and neon.

We really enjoyed our day. The closest underground station is South Kensington. There is a car park a short walk away on Harrington Street (this costs £11 for 2 hours) but good to know there is the option just in case of train strikes.

Was it expensive? Yes! But again, it's a really amazing experience and it is so different from most other normal days out.

  1. Opening hours: Varied from Tuesday to Sunday

  2. Duration: 30-50 minutes

  3. Location: 79-85 Old Brompton Road, SW7 3LD, South Kensington, London

  4. Age: all ages welcome!


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