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Twist Museum London review

You may have seen it pop up on Instagram? The Twist Museum London caught my attention quite a while ago. I do love a bit of optical illusionary and of course bright colours and quirky photo opportunities. After visiting Dopamine Land last year, which I loved, I decided to book a family ticket to Twist to see whether it was worth the hype.

Twist Museum

This is not a cheap day out at £74 for a family ticket (that's 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children).

We got the tube to Oxford Circus and the Twist Museum is a short (couple of minutes walk) along Oxford Street. I'd booked online for a 1pm time slot - a nice guy greeted us at the doors and sent us downstairs to have our e-tickets scanned. We arrived 15 minutes early but were still allowed straight in. There are free lockers to use which easily fitted two rucksacks inside.

You are basically allowed to stroll around the event space at your leisure. The entrance way is very colourful then you'll enter a room where everything turns colourless - you basically all look beige!

The letters TWIST are an acronym for “The Way I See Things.” Twist is billed as an interactive and immersive experience that allows visitors to participate in and experience the illusions themselves in an engaging and informative way.

I would class it as more of an exhibition space than a museum - you will wander from room to room - a bit like an art gallery. There are interactive things on the walls which the kids enjoyed playing with. There are neon colours, trippy mirrors, kaleidoscope style prisms and plenty of photo opportunities.

There are also small rooms which will make you feel a bit dizzy and give the illusion of huge size differences. All in all it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to walk around - we looked around twice. There didn't seem to be a time limit.

Twist Museum

Twist Museum mirrors

In the main foyer area there is a gift shop, seating area, toilets and a vending machine with snacks.

It was a fun experience but I think it seemed pretty expensive for what it was. Dopamine Land seems like better value for money. But we honestly really enjoyed it.

As you are in the west end you can then go for a stroll around, you are close to Carnaby Street, Chinatown, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. We walked to Chinatown - there are some parasols up above Macclesfield Street at the moment which look pretty. I also treated the kids to lunch at Panton Yokocho in Leicester Square.

Twist Museum, 248 Oxford St, London W1C 1DH

Open daily from 10.00am


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