Upcycle: Frida inspired cactus pots

I am a plant lover - especially cacti and succulents. My window sill is getting pretty full up now and I had seen some colourful upcycled tins on Instagram that had been painted with a cute Frida Kahlo design. I saved two medium sized sweetcorn tins, washed and stripped the paper off of them and then went to town with them.

The base of the tin was painted with a white mineral paint as it gives a good base to paint onto, white emulsion would work well too.

Once the first layer was dry - I used a black marker pen to draw my design onto the tin.

Next I used a mixture of bright coloured acrylic paints and mixed them on a palette until I had all of the colours that I needed. Each section was then painted on and left to dry.

Once all of the paint was dry, I then outlined the design in black marker pen.

I also added some flowers and swirls in similar colours with Posca paint pens to the background. Paint pens are another great option.

I then finished it off with a rubbing of finishing wax but you could also use a clear varnish to seal it.

These two cacti were then added with a little gravel at the bottom of the tin and topped up with soil. Kitchen tongs are a good way to hold a cactus as I have been spiked through gardening gloves before.

There you have it, some cheap, upcycled Frida inspired cactus pots!

I am currently waiting to finish a huge tin of beans - this large tin I will be attempting to decoupage with some napkins.

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